From a Beirut Lit Journal to a Kim Kardashian Tabloid, Highlights from BABZ Fair 2017, Hyperallergic, 2017

"Among their offerings was A.F. Oehmke’s fake tabloid magazine on Kim Kardashian West, including an essay on KKW’s rise to fame, cultivation of social media, and broader cultural influence. At $4.99, I had to get two." — Megan N. Liberty


Highlights, and a Sad Observation, From MICA’s Commencement Exhibition, Art F City, 2017

"Tucked away in an upper studio of the Fox Building, A.F. Oehmke and Emily Walla’s collaborative installation makes the overhung gauntlet in the rest of the building worth it. Walla’s sculptures reference impractical midcentury modern furniture. They’re flawlessly crafted, but suggest fragility and an uncomfortable domestic sphere—this is a precarious home where inhabitants and visitors must walk on eggshells. The only splashes of color are a few sparse houseplants and tabloids ('Our Catastrophe') from A.F. Oehmke scattered on several of Walla’s pieces. 'Our Catastrophe' has headlines such as 'SHIT’S FUCKED UP!' and 'ARE WE ALL BECOMING KIM?!?!?!?!?!?! JERRY SALTZ WEIGHS IN!' The decline of Western Civilization, indeed." — Michael Anthony Farley